We enjoyed the great wealth of information you gave us that we can obtain HIPAA requirements and keep our patients safe and our information secure. The presentation was great and I think that you gave us a “WOW” experience. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. It was very informative. I like the second visit that gives us time to ask you questions.
Jacqui Leppke
Santee Orthodontists, Santee, CA
“I feel confident with the services provided. I just wanted to be able to work safely and not worry about HIPAA. John is experienced and thorough. “
Brock Goodman, DDS
Santee Orthodontists, Santee, CA
“The talk/seminar as very interesting, did not fall asleep once. The talk had good info that we had no idea we needed to comply with. We are aware more than ever to keep patient’s info private.”
Rosenblatt and Firtel, San Diego, CA
“John has been helping me with my computer problems for over one year and no matter what the problem is, he always able figures it out quickly and efficiently. He always arrives on time even when the call was an emergency.”
Robert Sundberg, D.D.S.
Dream Dental, Scottsdale, AZ
“John has prompt service and comes in very quickly to phone calls. John did a proper install of a Dexis Bridge with Eagle soft on my laptop. Since we hired John we have had consistent non-problematic smooth-running computers. “
Randall Leads DDS
Randall Leads DDS, San Marcos, CA
“John is friendly and provides helpful information. He is knowledgeable and answers all questions. We are understanding with what we need to change in our office to become HIPAA compliant. John comes by to check in and give any help we need. The biggest benefits we have received have been helpful information and with John’s flexible schedule he is able to return calls in an appropriate time frame. “
Christina Bowser
Melanie Parker Orthodontists, San Diego, CA
“I like John’s personalized service and he is always a phone call away when we have computer problems. We recently had major server problems and John worked at the office for many days to solve the problem. John was readily available when we had any issues or questions. Since we hired John, we have encountered less computer problems because he always tries to find long term lasting solutions. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”
Family Dental of San Marcos, San Marcos, CA
“Our last IT guy completely messed up our database! John came in and not only fixed it but created a system where we can switch between the server and a normal computer. Awesome! You are the best IT we ever had and we have had many. John is fast and efficient. We call John with a problem and he comes immediately and resolves the issue. Upgraded all our computers and WiFi and increased their speed. Affordable, fast, efficient and to the point. Love that you don’t add unnecessary items. Tells it as it is, with no techno babble.”
Charlene N
San Marcos Dental Center, San Marcos, CA